Technology and sustainability configure the base on that Tesoro Yachts I+D department promote a permanent objetive to make the most high quality construction on the current and new models of the range creating unique boats on its structural and performance conditions.


Tesoro Yachts on its aims to promote the maximum sustainability and offer options that respect the environment, its using a revolutionary vegetal material on its molds and pieces from Bcomp’s ampliTex technical fabrics, made of naturally grown flax, as a reinforcement.

A SPRINT prepreg lamination technique developed by Gurit is being used for these instances. Flax dramatically reduces the overall carbon footprint of the build and works well in conjunction with more conventional advanced composites, which are still used throughout the structure.


Main parts of the boat, specially the Cullinan T- Top, use the carbon fiber as construction material in order to configure an incredible design where performance is guaranteed offering the biggest one in the market without any kind of supports on the deck.

The Cullinan T-Top with sturdy roof pillars integrated into the bulwarks make a single solid piece integrated with the hull giving an extreme space on the deck and unique stability.

The use of this material start being a construction part of practically all the boat allowing give these unique qualities like strength, durability, thermal stability, and low weight.


Each boat is under a hundred points check list inspection during its construction attended by the engineering team assigned for its assembly until its delivery giving to the client a complete certification package where recognized all the parameters taken during the process with an additional report of the sea trial with all the parties involved on it like engines mechanics and electricians.


Achieve the excellence means use of high quality materials to build a top class boat on that each of its components area treated like a piece of art selecting each minimal detail amongst the best brands on its sector.